Meet the Inventors

 Wayne & Myles

Co-op stores and Head Office

Co-op stores got the job done.

Our favorite customer

Hands down our favorite customer.

Response to the media coverage

We never expected this response.

Media Coverage

The media did a great job of telling our story

Swift Current Mall Demo

The demo in the Swift Current Mall was unbelievable.

We recieve a letter from a Lawyer

We were starting to figure out what we needed to do to market a board game. And we get a letter from a Lawyer in Alberta.

Packaging change required

We knew our packaging was not at a industry standard, we needed to make some changes.

Brass Cribbage Board Raffle Draw

Brass Cribbage Board draw from the Canadian Western Agribition

Game Board Change

Time to change the game board


The inventors discuss 

the change to the game board and why they made the change.

Our Journey to Board Game Success


Long time friends, Wayne and Myles, created Cribbage The Board Game in 1989.  It hasn't been easy but almost 30 years later they're still selling a great game.

We'll be posting a series of 1-2  minute videos taking you from when we decided to create and market a board game to where we are today.  We look forward to sharing our experiences from our journey with you.


Watch for videos starting October 1, 2018

Meet the inventors of Cribbage The Board Game

Meet the inventors of Cribbage The Board Game. This is a series of videos where the inventors discuss there journey as board game inventors.

Introducing Myles to Table Top cribbage

After being introduced to Table Top Cribbage it was time to share this interesting version with Myles.

Episode 3 Introducing Myles to Table Top Cribbage

Introducing Myles to table top Cribbage.

Episode 4 Is this game marketable?

Is our game marketable?

Episode 5 - Now we need a name.

The inventors of Cribbage The Board Game discuss how they came up with the name.

Episode 6 - We need a supplier

Having decided to market a board game, the inventors now need to find a supplier for the components.

Episode 7 Our first sale

We had inventory, time to start selling.

Episode 8 - Our First Demo

Our first mall demo and public launch. We knew we were headed in the right direction.